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English Arts - Lessons

Simple Verb Tenses – The Perfect Tenses

One meaning of the word perfect is complete. Sometimes we talk about actions that have been completed. When a verb is used in the perfect tense, it is talking about an action which has been completed, or finished. The action is no longer happening.

Perfect tenses are formed by using has, have, or had with the verb. There are three perfect tenses: present perfect, past perfect, and future perfect.

Present Perfect –

use has or have

Past Perfect –

use had

Future Perfect –

use will have or shall have

has/have talked

had talked

will/shall have talked

has/have jumped

had jumped

will/shall have jumped

has/have filled

had filled

will/shall have filled

has/have opened

had opened

will/shall have opened

Exercise: Find the perfect tense of the verb in each sentence.

Write PrP over it if it is present perfect.

Write PP over it if it is past perfect.

Write FP over it if it is future perfect.

  1. James has used those scissors to cut heavy cardboard.
  1. We have enjoyed watching this science show on TV.
  1. My brother has run to school many times so he won’t be late.
  1. Jenny and Lisa had come to the party early.
  1. They have gone to more baseball games than soccer games.
  1. The new drugstore will have opened before summer.
  1. My parents and I had traveled to Mexico three times.
  1. The boys will have eaten the cake by tomorrow.
  1. The movie had started by now by the time we got there.
  1. My father will have added three new rooms to our house when he is done.

Write a sentence using the following perfect tenses of the verb:

talk (present perfect)______________________________________________________



touch (past perfect)________________________________________________________



close (future perfect)_______________________________________________________



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